Smart solutions for cyber - physical production systems
In the intelligent factory, ICT technologies no longer just support production processes, but are integrated into components, machines and environments that thus become intercommunicating and intelligent CPSs.

The project - financed by the Lombardy Region within the Research and Innovation Agreements framework - relies on various technological application keys in various operational contexts:

  1. Smart components that self-diagnose their health
  2. Smart machines that generate data to analyse their status, predict future behaviours and regulate themselves
  3. Smart devices that facilitate human-machine interaction
  4. Smart factories equipped with monitoring and tracking system (connected factory).


The project leader is Cosberg, the partners involved are: Camozzi Automation (Smart component group); Politecnico di Milano (Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering and Department of Management Engineering); University of Brescia and Bergamo; CNR-STIIMA (Institute of Industrial Systems and Technologies for Advanced Manufacturing) and other leading companies for innovation.

Smart4CPPS shares the mission with the partners to:

  • create a regional ecosystem of excellence that is a concrete expression of the Smart Factory concept
  • transform Lombardy into a hub for digitisation processes for Small and Medium Enterprises.

The sectors involved are the manufacture of metal products - which covers 17% of regional manufacturing - the manufacture of plants and equipment - about 4% of regional VA - and the textile industry.

Smart4CPPs was launched in March 2017 and will end in September 2020.